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     What Audiences Are Saying About
"From Box Springs With Love"...

    "This show is HYSTERICAL!  Well written and so well done.  'From Box Springs With Love' is one of the top three shows I have seen at TPAC (Tennessee Performing Arts Center/Nashville) this year.  The other two were 'Spamalot' and 'Tuna Christmas'." -- Lori S.

    "My husband and I enjoyed your show last Thursday night in Nashville. I can honestly say, I do not think I have ever laughed as much in my life! The tunes and lyrics to several of your songs have permanently lodged themselves in my memory and I just start laughing. Folks just think I have lost it.  I don't think I will ever hear a rooster crow without having memories of you guys singing 'Peter's Rooster'. What a hoot!  Thanks for a fun night! Folks in Nashville don't know what they missed!!!!!!!!!!" -- Ann C.

     "The first time I saw Glory Bugles I laughed so hard I actually became ill.  I was so relieved to know that there was an intermission, because I remember running to the car looking for a bottle of water and a bottle of Tylenol for the pain in my head, gut and jaw.  It's the funniest thing I've ever seen, truly...THE FUNNIEST.   Especially when Bonnie Keen twirls the baton and is descending into the splits while singing Alleluia.   It takes a lot to make me laugh...and this show hits every possible funny bone in my body.    Now...when I tell everyone about this show, I truly warn them to come prepared with their choice of meds, tissues and water.  And by all means empty your bladder before the show." -- Lisa B.

     "I am having the stitches removed on Monday that I received from laughing so hard at your performance on 4-5-08. Thanks for the laughs !!!!!!!!!! -- Tricia P.

recently attended one your shows while vacationing in Nashville. I absolutely LOVED it!  I would love for ya'll to come to FL!  Keep making folks laugh with your Christian humor while at the same time spreading the gospel." -- Clint F.

   "The show was great! And never a dull moment. Everyone in the cast was wonderful." -- Jan H.

   "The show and everyone in it was great and we all had such a good time...[My friend] and I now end our phone conversations with 'Hallelujah to Ya.' -- Jeannie S.

   "I attended your recent performance in Nashville.  I seldom write emails regarding performances, but I must say, I can’t recall enjoying a better  show!!  Congrads on a job well done and keep up the good work!  Having been raised in a church environment, I would say 'you hit the nail on the head'...as it was." -- David F.

   "My wife and I have just returned home from 'From Box Springs With Love'.  What an amazing and truly enjoyable night this has been.  The Glory Bugles are fantastic and I am still laughing as I think about the evening I have spent with The Glory Bugles.  I cannot wait to see and here more!  FANTASTIC!!!!  Halleluiah to you! You're gonna be ok!" -- Steve S.

    "Loved the show Saturday.  You need to take that on the road!" -- Beverly H.

    "I have searched in my heart to compose the proper words to celebrate the Glory Bugles.  After many drafts (and the bartender is asking me to leave now), I will say simply, "Thank You."  It's been too long since I laughed so hard. Your characters are a wonderful compliment to each other. The entire show is Top Shelf!  Blow that horn Bugles!!!" -- John A.

   "What fabulous entertainment! This show brought back fond memories of growing up in a small town church.  The acting and singing were pure "Broadway" and kept our group laughing out loud from beginning to end.  The poking fun at the church was respectful and tastefully done and provided the kind of humor not common to today's entertainment. Bravo!" -- Blair M.

     "You guys crack me up!!!  You're totally out of control!  Love ya!" -- Marcy O.

     "It's just too bad the lost art of baton twirling hasn't made its way into mainstream gospel music, but it looks like that is about to change.  Thank you for offering gospel, Bible-based tattoos so that we won't be ashamed to display our arms on that great judgment day.  But how about a sheep-separating-from-the-goats tattoo?" -- Anonymous

     "My wife and I came to two of your sellout shows in Nashville. I overheard that a "prestigious" theatre in New York has said your show would "...never fly with their audiences"... HA! That ridiculous statement alone tells me you're on to something GREAT!  I seem to recall they said the same thing about the hugely popular (and now classic) Greater Tuna shows. Y'all just keep on keeping on, and pay no attention to the walkin' brain dead!  Look for us in the audience when the show rolls around here again...we'll be the ones laughing the loudest."  H2YA!  Jeff M.

     "This foursome comedy group is a spoof...a gospel music group that uses every gimmick known to man including baton twirling, and (yes) even the splits at one point. It was two hours of laugh-out-loud humor.  A visual feast! I can't imagine we won't hear more about the Glory Bugles!" – Sue B.

     "As my kids and I rolled with laughter as we rolled down the road listening to the end of 'If John the Baptist.' I kept waiting for lightning to strike us." – Alice G.

     "The frightening thing about comedy and satire is when people think you're serious.  Years ago a local Christian DJ played your song WHEN YOUR HAIR'S TOO LONG and got several calls from people wanting to know who the artist was and telling him, 'Amen! Somebody finally had the Holy Ghost gumption to tell the truth!' " – Jim C.

     "Dem dere peoples r funi" – David S.

     "My favurit groop is Lester Moron the ole rode hawg and thu kadelac kowboyz.  Youins aint narry neer az good as them iz. Yur harmunie aint as on keey and yur rithim aint neer az funkie as ole witchitaw. But youins is pritty gud fur a bunch ov heelbilly redneks." – Mary G.

     "U rock!"  – Ron C.

     "The Glory Bugles will wake up your laugh cells!" – Peggy R.


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