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Farley Byrd
Bass (and Sometimes Tenor), Bugle Founder,
Formerly Director of Sinus Affairs, Box Springs Industrial Ammonia Plant; Now selling ice and bait at the Box Springs Grub Mart and delivering telephone books.

Hallelujah to Ya!

Greetings from Farley Byrd, your friendly bass (and sometimes tenor) for the Glory Bugles...at your service.

Don't worry, I'm not gonna write quite as much as my beautiful but admittedly long-winded -- wife, Beulah, on the preceding page. Instead, I'm gonna be as brief as I can without leaving out key details that you need to know about the Bugles, our music and our quaint little community of Box Springs, TN.

Let me start at the beginning (which is always a great place to start, don't you think?)

I was originally born in small town called Patchy Fog just a few miles from where I now reside in Box Springs. My father was a chicken farmer and my mother was a seamstress. One day they decided to sew some clothes for the chickens to help keep them warm during the winter. Well, the idea just kind of took wing, so to speak, and was doing so well locally that it was outperforming the chicken business. So mom and dad went into it full time under the name of "CluckDuds."

A few years later, they sold the business to a guy who used to work for Wal-Mart, but he just wasn't able to make it work, so he eventually shut it down. Mom and Dad still live comfortably in the same double-wide they had when I was a boy. They're retired now, and in fairly good health though Dad does seem have a lot of trouble with his prostrate.

Anyway, I digress. I was born Farley Tiberius Byrd, III the fourth in a long line of FTBs. My great granddaddy the original Farley had seven brothers (listed as follows in alphabetical order: Arley, Barley, Harley, Marley, Narley, Varley and Zarley).

My middle name Tiberius comes from Tiberius Caesar, the second emperor of Rome, and probably the guy that came up with that salad dressing. Thanks, Caesar! It's one of my all-time favorites. (And, if you recall, the captain of the Starship Enterprise Jim Kirk had the same middle name. But far as I know, we're not related.)

Anyway, over the years, I've come to be known as FTB III...T-Byrd...T-Byrd the third...and just Byrd the third. As a result, my favorite car is the Ford Thunderbird, even though I don't drive one. But one day, if the Bugles make it big, I'm gonna buy me a Thunderbird and make the name really fit.

For the last 20 years, I've been the Director of Sinus Affairs for the Box Springs Industrial Ammonia Plant. Other than the strong stench of ammonia which I can never seem to get out of clothes and skin -- and the regular problem we all have with nosebleeds it's a great place to work. (Of course, my dream is for the Bugles to make it big so I can travel and sing for the Lord full-time.)

About the time I started at the ammonia plant, I started the Bugles. We had auditions, and started writing songs and singing. Mostly at church, at first. Then at gas stations and grocery stores and all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants. You see, there was and still is a void in the kind of music we perform. It's convicting, in a quiet and soothing sort of way. In reality, we are the "Vision-Keepers of the True Gospel Music."

Well, I could go on and on, but I won't. Unlike Beulah, I know when to stop.

So enjoy your visit to the Bugles website. And visit us again real soon.

Blessings and Cursings (as the situation may dictate)

Farley T. Byrd, III